[map] Dungeon of Lost Coppers

dungeon_of_lost_coppers_thomas_drevon_smallEarly this year, the illustrious Dyson Logos (I’m a fan and a patreon) held a mapping competition: Print out this map, complete it and submit. There were 64 submissions and the winner was randomly selected. It wasn’t me, but I think my version didn’t turn out too shabby either. I’m also pretty sure it wouldn’t have taken home the trophy if it there had been a proper jury. Anyway, here it is. Watch out for me at the next competition :)

2 thoughts on “[map] Dungeon of Lost Coppers

  1. Thanks for leaving that bridge there to close the gap between the island and the main fortress! And thanks for stopping by my brand new map/adventure blog! Do you have any more unfinished maps lying around for another competition?


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