Shadow of the Demon Lord, damage flowchart

After the maddening success of my D&D 5e Zero HP flowchart, I bring you: Shadow of the Demon Lord, damage flowchart!

Shadow of the Demon Lord, damage flowchart

I’ll be the first to admit it urgently needs more demonic flavour sprinkled all over it, but at least it conveys the information it should.

Any corrections will likely be incorporated in the next version. Enjoy!

[map] A Mine and a Tomb

06 - A Mine and a TombA band of unusually earnest halflings have shown up and purchased a claim half way up Phish Creek. They’ve repurposed the old mine and started a frantic excavation.

What could drive these usually sedate folks to such an effort?

The villagers of Thriceborough have been asking themselves, and the halflings every time they come into town to resupply, this question many times, but nothing has come of it so far. Of course, there are rumours; money owed, a promise to keep, a ghost.

And for once, the rumours are Continue reading