[map] Dungeon of Lost Coppers

dungeon_of_lost_coppers_thomas_drevon_smallEarly this year, the illustrious Dyson Logos (I’m a fan and a patreon) held a mapping competition: Print out this map, complete it and submit. There were 64 submissions and the winner was randomly selected. It wasn’t me, but I think my version Continue reading

[map] Thrice Keep

The Thrice

The Thrice

Depending on who you ask, the origin of the Thrice Keep’s name will vary. Geographers will point to the three sharp crags with their respective towers and explain that “thrice” is obviously a reference to the number of structures.

The local residents of Thriceborough, the village situated in the shadow of Thrice Keep, will tell a different story:

Three generations ago, baron Bernhard Thrice, newly appointed lord of these lands, moved into the keep and dubbed it Thrice Keep. The village below he named Thriceborough. A just and prudent man, he guided his fief into propsperous times. Then, not long after his first daughter was born, a visitor came calling. Continue reading