RPG Books is now free!

I just wanted to tell the community that the iOS Pathfinder reference app previously known as PFR has been renamed to RPG Books, and is now free!

Included in the free download is the Pathfinder Core rulebook and the first Bestiary. This means that running a vanilla game of Pathfinder from you iPhone or iPad is no longer just fast and easy, it is also free. Free as in beer!

In addition, the app offers in-app purchase of all books available on from the Paizo PRD site. Also, with this latest release, the d20 v3.5 rules and a handful of supplementary books for that system is also available within the app.

Do you own an iOS thingy? Give RPG Books a try, it’ll cost you nothing and there are no ads.

As has always been the case during the six year life of this app, I’m very happy to receive any kind of praise, critique or feature requests.

Adventures ahoy!