Shadow of the Demon Lord, damage flowchart

After the maddening success of my D&D 5e Zero HP flowchart, I bring you: Shadow of the Demon Lord, damage flowchart!

Shadow of the Demon Lord, damage flowchart

I’ll be the first to admit it urgently needs more demonic flavour sprinkled all over it, but at least it conveys the information it should.

Any corrections will likely be incorporated in the next version. Enjoy!

Zero Hit Points flowchart for D&D 5e

zero hp 5eWhile waiting for my copy of Players Handbook to arrive, I’ve read through the basic rules of Dungeons & Dragons 5e. It seems to me that, all in all, the rules have lost some weight when compared to Pathfinder, which is very good. But, some aspects of the rules are still a bit chubby. Take the passage about Dropping to 0 Hit Points on page 76 of the PDF, for instance.

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