Gnome ancestry for Shadow of the Demon Lord


A hundred years ago, the Faerie Queen stripped the Gnomes of their Faerie talents and banished them, for a crime everybody remembers. Their incessant tinkering with technology and technomancy was all fine and good, up until the tar-powered steam engine started dragging itself through the landscape on iron rails.

The Gnome and the Invention

The Gnome and the Invention by MegyeriMano

Some say the Faerie Queen overreacted when the she Continue reading

Shadow of the Demon Lord, damage flowchart

After the maddening success of my D&D 5e Zero HP flowchart, I bring you: Shadow of the Demon Lord, damage flowchart!

Shadow of the Demon Lord, damage flowchart

I’ll be the first to admit it urgently needs more demonic flavour sprinkled all over it, but at least it conveys the information it should.

Any corrections will likely be incorporated in the next version. Enjoy!