[map] Dread Temple Caverns

dread_temple_caverns_smallOriginally constructed by the dwarven outcast Banz Schteinkopf a couple of centuries ago, these caverns have seen a lot of different residents since. The two colored sludges have been there for a long time, created by an alchemist who was funded by a local lord to produce explosives. However, the lord would not allow such experimentation to take place in proximity of his land and keep so the caverns seemed a good spot to set up the lab.

Many years later, some goblinoids moved in. One evening, when they woke up, a huge snake with the head of a humanoid female was staring at them. Continue reading

[map] Quick island

Just a quick old map to get this all started.

island_smallThis island is called Iceland (Island in Norwegian). It’s located three days sailing from a major pirate port in the tropical seas. There is no ice here now. It all melted a few years back after a band of adventurers made the white dragon residing here go away. Maybe the ice dragon was fatigued after several years in the tropics. Or maybe there is something to the rumor that the dragon received a strange, serpentine artifact in exchange for the ownership of Island.

The beach to the north is the home of a tribe of monkeys. On the island to the south, a troll druid conducts weird zoological experiments. There have been fresh sightings of purple worm holes in the central forest. And under the mountain, a damp tomb from another age sits undisturbed…