Tog Mog Grog & Spirits

Tog Mog Tower_smallHere’s another update on my hex (17:12, Ships’ Folly) in Trenkars Landing. This is a quick writeup of what’s going on in one of the five lighthouses.

Tog Mog Grog & Spirits is  a strange tavern in the lower part of Tog Mog Tower, one of the five lighthouses in Ships’ Folly.

Back in the day, when the five lighthouses were constructed, a keeper was appointed to each lighthouse. Today, hundreds of years later, all keepers are long dead or gone. All except Tog Mog.

Tog Mog is a human warlock in his mid-five-hundreds. How has he manages to celebrate so many birthdays without becoming undead? Because he is not allowed to die, that’s why. He has entered a pact with Krai-Chandada Krai, an ancient and malevolent cockroach spirit which resides in the corrupt part of the Fairy realm where it overlaps with the Plane of Shadow. Tog Mogs contract with his patron is simply that Krai-Chandada Krai will resurrect him over and over, until his patron has been summoned into this plane of existence. And the only way Tog Mog knows how to accomplish this, is by activating the gigantic lighthouse pentagram. His problem is, and has been for a while, that he needs collaborators, one in each lighthouse, to keep the beam of light trained correctly. Also, fog is needed in order for the pattern to manifest correctly.

While waiting for the opportunity to perform this ritual (Tog Mog is not really a peoples-person) he has tried to keep the lighthouse in order. And even, in the last couple of hundred years, he’s had the uncanny notion of turning it into a tavern. That should attract collaborators!

The lighthouse is now an odd-looking vertical collection of driftwood houses, haphazardly put together during the last couple of centuries. The tavern comprises the two lowest floors of both the wooden buildings and the tower. The upper levels are Tog Mogs private quarters where he studies summoning, extra planar relics and conjuration magic.

Being situated where it is, not many visitors frequent Tog Mog Grog. The few regulars are:

  • Fua Manchua, a southener monk. Has been staying at the tavern for oh – twelve years now? She does not say much, but is very eager for a bar fight.
  • Dark dwarves, these guys come paddling in from *The Crabs* on their makeshift raft once a week. They party hard for the night, then paddle back in the early morning.
  • Pirates, 5 to 10 of these guys might row from Wet Bat Tower if the sea is calm. The trade with Tog Mog, get drunk and row back, all in the space of two hours.

In the refreshments department, Tog Mogs Tavern serves a few different dishes

  • Grog (Tog Mogs special, surprisingly full and tasty)
  • Wine (most likely fenced pirate booty, watered down from the rain barrel)
  • Brackspirit (a nasty, muddy liquor that only the dark dwarves from *The Crabs* manage to stomach)
  • Bread and drippings
  • Tog Mog Crab (boiled crab meat wrapped in fish skin)
  • Sea bass stuffed with sugar kelp
  • For dessert: An odd, strangely sweet, unidentifiable cheese

Adventure hooks

  • Tog Mog decides to recruit the adventurers for the summoning ritual. He will lie about what sort of entity will appear if he thinks that might convince them to cooperate.
  • A tooth-cracking bar fight breaks out between moody pirates and grumpy dwarves, obliging the local monk to lend a fist to whomever needs beating.
  • Two ships carrying a hundred soldiers and a dozen of mages arrive. They’ve come to take command of all five lighthouses and perform a major league unholy summoning. Can the adventurers find a way to stop them?
  • The sweet cheese in Tog Mogs cupboard is actually a living organism. When sliced, as long as there is more than 10% left, it will regenerate. The “cheese” uses the digestive tract of its imbiber for reproduction, provided there is cheesy material there from another individual as well.

Attribution: The sketch of the lighthouse I’ve included here is HEAVILY inspired by Kansbars Lighthouse (who is a guru, and I’m but a driveling beginner) over at Deviant art:

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