[map] Stone Octopus Garden

Stone Octopus Garden ColorUp in the hills, about a days brisk hike from the village Thriceborough, lies Stone Octopus Garden. One entrance to the dungeon is hidden among the roots of a huge elm tree. Down in the chasm, a river flows by so slowly that it could be called a lake. Spanning the chasm is a an old, wooden bridge, the only way to get across to the island where the keep sits, without getting wet.

The reason for the keep’s name is a mystery, but when the local bard is well into his third pint he might take to singing a sad, strange tune about a lonely king-sized mollusc whose mere gaze petrifies.

But what’s really down there? Why not let the dice decide? Roll a d20 to select a rumor, then flip a coin or roll a 50/50 die to determine if that rumor is true or false. Repeat until perfect.

d20 Rumor
1 A huge, intelligent octopus lurks somewhere down in the waters below the keep.
2 Long ago, a strange cult held the keep. They sacrificed brains to an extra-planar mollusk god.
3 There has been recent activity up by the keep. A foreign noble has come to re-purpose the keep.
4 The keep has a huge dungeon down below where a forgotten priesthood held ceremonies which required vast amounts of diamond dust.
5 It’s a strange thing; badgers come to die in that area.
6 Years ago, a vampire witch was slain in her lair below the great elm tree. A swarm of ten thousand bats still dwell there, awaiting the return of their master.
7 The keep has been for sale for along time.
8 The keep was built atop an old temple, desecrating it’s grounds.
9 Baron Viktor LeFrag built the keep 300 years ago when he needed a stronghold to keep a gem mining operation safe from bandits.
10 There is rumored to be an old mine rich in various gems somewhere close by the keep.
11 At new moon, a thick bank of darkness which swallows all light covers the area.
12 Last year, the local hero Stan the Man and a handful of adventurers went exploring the caverns beneath the keep. They never returned.
13 The bridge might look rickety, but it should be completely safe.
14 A man-sized pike lives in the slow river passing along the crevice. It bit off the finger of Larry, the millers boy.
15 A strange mushroom is said to grow in one of the rooms below the keep. When eaten, it will lift any curse and cure even the ugliest case of warts.
16 Amanda the shepherd sez her goats absolutely refuse to go near the place.
17 Some man-slaughtering gnolls had their lair up there for some time. Used to throw the skulls of their victims, with brains and all, into the water to appease some creature.
18 That elm up there is so old and big, it has to be a dryad metropolis!
19 There are statues, down there in the deep, which are so precisely carved that they could once have been visitors. Is there a dweller ‘neath the surface with the power to petrify the living?
20 Everything on this table is true!

Here’s the black & white version, if that’s your preference!

Stone Octopus Garden B/W

Stone Octopus Garden

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