[map] Rondane

07 - RondaneRondane is way up north, where habitable lands go pale and bow to the frozen taiga plateau. Ever-harassing winds leech all body warmth. Vast frozen tundras and ancient mountain ridges, unbeatable to all except the glaciers which ponderously grind everything into gravel.

Not even the orcs hang around for long up here, for this is the land of trolls. Not the sinewy, lanky swamp trolls. Nay, in Rondane dwells an older troll breed, the Jotuns. And at twilight, Huldrefolk can be seen scampering from the shelter of a willow bush to the entrance of a den underneath a lichen-clad boulder.

Rondane is inhospitable, even for dragons. Or is it fear that holds them at bay? Because their distant relatives, the Linnorms lair in Rondane. Huge, carnivorous wyrms forged of hatred and laced in malice. Stories whispered by the fireplace at night tell of the mighty Linnorms, their power matching that of the strongest dragons. Their power, and their treasure hoard. Or so the stories tell…

This map is one of my first attempts at an isometric region map. I think it turned out OK, but I never got rid of the feeling that it wasn’t quite done. Any suggestions? I’d be happy to make a v1.2 :)

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