[map] Kallmark



Kallmark, a harsh land with long, cold winters and short, cool summers. Mostly stubborn humans and easygoing dwarves inhabit the settlements, with the occasional tiefling and stray hobbit. Kallmark is not the place to live if your hobbies are heraldry and celebrity spotting. On the other hand, if you don’t mind subsisting on taiga onions, lichen and those tiny, rock-hard ‘taters. And you know your way around in a blizzard, then Kallmark will probably suffice.

I drew this map for a D&D 4e campaign I ran some years back.

The allocation of PCs in this campaign was such that one person played a noble paladin PC and the rest of the party was his henchmen and retinue. It worked out better than expected, but alas, most of my regular gaming group consists of minmaxers and they felt it was hard to play a subordinate to someone who was not (power-wise) superior. I’d really like to try out this sort of thing again, but I’ll need to prepare plenty of feel-good rewards to throw at the munchkins. Lest they get all grouchy in lack of appreciation. After all, munchkins need love too :)


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