[map] Bandit hideout

Every area has one.

04 - Bandit hideoutIt had been a particularly fruitful year for Jack deWeez and his gang, robbing travelers along the road through Felltimber woods. But after stripping so many plump merchants of their belongings, word eventually got out among bandits in the neighboring areas. Soon, a sizable gang led by the feared Gary Gutgutter (yes, the one who robbed and torched Count Bollocks’ winter palace during the snowstorm) came north to have a piece of the action. After a few meager hauls, he decided instead to go for the real prize: Jack deWeez hoard. After all, what plunder is better than that which has already been plundered for you?

Our heroes arrive the scene after having followed the trail of Jack deWeez in order to collect the bounty on him. While they’re settling in the bushes outside the cave to discuss how to go about the job, they suddenly see Guttgutter and his rather mean gang stealthily approaching the hideout, blades drawn and dripping with poison. They’ve been beaten to it!

What happens now is anyone’s guess!? Will the heroes sound the alarm so deWeez can have a better chance at fighting off Gutgutter? Will they ambush the ambushers, to get a chance at collecting the bounty on Gutgutter as well? Or will they just sit tight and let the bandits have at each other? What if Gary Gutgutter pulls it off and gets away with all the loot through a secret exit?

To make the encounter even more interesting, let it be known that the bounties are cut by 80% unless the prisoners are brought back alive…

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